Pilates on the Beach

Small Reformer Group Classes

This Reformer class will work on the basic framework of the Pilates repertoire for which all other levels build upon. It will develop strength, stability and flexibility to allow you to advance to the next level. The class will include exercises to challenge a variety of levels. All Levels welcome for this class.

This class will progress the Reformer series to include more challenging exercises. This level will focus on increasing difficulty through varied, resistance, speed and coordination. You should feel comfortable with all the basic exercises prior to entering this class and instructor permission required. You should be able to perform the following exercises unassisted, including Hundreds, Roll Ups, Short Spine, Plank or standing work.
This level will progress the Reformer series by increasing difficulty through varied, resistance, speed and coordination. Instructor permission required in order to enter this class. Clients must be injury-free, should have at least 6 months prior Pilates experience, and be able to perform the following exercises unassisted: Roll Up, Teaser, Plank, and Roll Overs.
This is an ever evolving creative intermediate/advanced class designed to raise your heart rate, build endurance and sculpt your muscles. Clients must be injury-free, should have at least 6 months prior Pilates experience, and be able to perform the following exercises unassisted: Roll Up, Teaser, Plank, and Roll Overs.
Using the Pilates Jumpboard, a padded board that replaces the foot bar on a Pilates Reformer is comparable to lying down and jumping on a trampoline! This unique piece of equipment makes it possible to have a very safe and low impact cardio workout on the Pilates Reformer while strengthening and toning the glutes, thighs, and abdominals.

All clients new to Pilates must complete an Introductory Class or at least one private session before being able to join a group class.
Email info@pilatesonthebeach.net to schedule your Introductory Class or Private Session.

Private Pilates Sessions

It has been proven that Pilates for rehabilitation works. Pilates is used as an effective program to improve strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and stability after suffering an injury or while suffering from a chronic disorder. We work with many clients who are recovering from athletic injuries, battling chronic pain, or just looking to improve their day-to-day mobility. The benefits of using a Pilates-based rehabilitation program under the supervision of a certified Pilates instructor are remarkable in the medical field. At our studio, the full range of Pilates exercises are modified by one of our qualified instructors and tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are an elite athlete, elderly individual, or somewhere in between, we can tailor Pilates to suit your rehabilitation needs. One amazing study showed an 85% improvement in reducing pain and an 87% improvement in increasing mobility. The study lasted over six months and showed that Pilates is a great tool to use as part of your rehabilitation. Pilates can help reduce pain, increase recovery time, and even stop back pain and neck pain. Call or email us today to set up your personal one-on-one evaluation for Pilates for Rehabilitation.

Athletes using traditional athletic training methods will find they develop the muscles required in a specific sport, but often find the training does not address the stabilizing muscles around the joints or the torso. Often, one muscle is identified and exercises are designed to isolate that muscle, usually in a single plane of motion. However, Pilates exercises can be more complex than traditional moves and will therefore recruit a larger number of muscle groups or strengthen the same muscles from many angles and in a variety of different ranges of motion, ultimately benefiting the athlete on various physical and mental levels. Pilates helps athletes develop core strength, increase flexibility, assist in rehabilitation after injury and create muscular balance throughout the entire body. As a result, athletes can withstand rigorous training programs and ultimately improve their golf drive, split times, running speed or baseball pitch, prevent or recover from injury, and maintain an optimal fitness level for the activity of choice. At Pilates on the Beach we have instructors that specialize in training a wide variety of athletes, with personalizable programs for golf, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, running, cycling, swimming and dancing. Call or email us today to find out how we can help you improve your athletic performance through private one-on-one training.

Pilates on the Beach is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and positive body image to all breast cancer survivors. We have specialized instructors who have undergone rigorous training to be certified by the Pink Ribbon Program. The PRP is a Pilates style that helps to stretch and strengthen the shoulder, chest, back, and abdominal muscles. Using Pilates and the PRP empowers women to regain the full range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery. This program is suitable whether your surgery was recent or several years ago and accommodates all fitness levels. To find out more about Pink Ribbon certification, visit PinkRibbonProgram.com.

There are many changes women go through during pregnancy and postpartum that cause big changes to the entire body. Due to the dramatic changes to the body, we offer our special prenatal and postnatal Pilates sessions. Pilates is ideal for mothers and expecting mothers because Pilates improves your imbalances and posture while also toning and strengthening your muscles. Whether you’re still carrying your precious cargo or you’ve just become a new mom, we have developed unique Pilates routines for our prenatal and postnatal clients.


Prenatal Pilates: With our prenatal clients, we use Pilates to help prepare your body for pregnancy. Pilates keeps your abdominal and pelvic muscles toned and strong. We also spend time while practicing Pilates to help you focus on keeping your breathing regular for relaxation and also to help with pain management.


Postnatal Pilates: With our postnatal clients, we use Pilates to help busy new moms get your pre-pregnancy bodies back faster. With a range of Pilates exercises to suit everyone up to the newest mothers, we have your needs covered. We also offer Pilates techniques to speed up your recovery following the delivery.


Contact our studio to find out about our prenatal and postnatal Pilates programs.